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 1. The trial test system for JLPT(Japanese Language Proficiency Test) - [AJ-JLPT]
『The trial test system for JLPT』 [AJ-JLPT] is mainly designed for Japanese learner. Japanese learners can test their level & skills by this [AJ-JLPT].
As you know, JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) is conducted only once in a year. In such reason, Japanese learner and people who want JLPT certification have a few chances to get used to JLPT. We [] ……
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 2. What is JLPT(Japanese Language Proficiency Test, 日本語能力試験[nihongo nōryoku shiken])
JLPT is a standardized test to evaluate a person's Japanese language proficiency - primarily in reading and listening. The test is held once every year on the first Sunday of December. There are four grades or levels of proficiency (with a separate exam for each) beginning at level 4 and progressing to level 1 - the most difficult. The organization ......
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 3. Notice and News for [AJ-JLPT]
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