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1. What is [AJ-DIC]『Korean Japan & Japan Korean Dictionary based on Data Base』
[AJ-DIC] is electric Korean-Japanese, Japanese-Korean dictionary which is based on word Database. Now [AJ-DIC] is not in complete status. But [AJ-DIC] is growing and changing with [AJ-JLPT] and [AJ-phonetic Test] . The algorithm of [AJ-DIC] is basically designed having an artificial intelligence. The database is changing and growing by using and being tested by various users from all other country. If you search a specific word, the point and frequency of the word you search will be reflected to all the system ([AJ-JLPT] and [AJ-phonetic Test]).
2. Purpose of [AJ-DIC]
1. People simply can search words on online through [AJ-DIC] is electric Korean-Japanese, Japanese-Korean dictionary
2. Its fundamental purpose is building an electronic dictionary can be the base of an morpheme analysis.
3. Good point of [AJ-DIC]
[AJ-DIC] is built by Unicode, so is very useful for the handling multiple language. [AJ-DIC] can be used in any language OS(operating system). Especially it is powerful in handling Kanji(Chinese character). Many existing electronic dictionary have been paid for only the way of showing Kaji in the visual point of view. But [AJ-DIC] provide the text which is worth as a data not a Kanji shown graphic file.
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